About Us

Code of Ethics


ACA SA aims to support Member services to;

  • Keep abreast and comply with current policies and laws that relate directly to the sector through formal, informal training and professional networks/organisations.

  • Respect the rights and dignity of colleagues and other professional bodies.

  • Uphold the highest standards by complying with regulations, industrial legislation and quality assurance systems.

  • Create a healthy working environment by:

    o Using and promoting constructive conflict resolution strategies.

    o Supporting colleagues to develop professionally and personally to their full potential.

    o Accepting people's right to hold a different view.


ACA SA aims to support Member services to;

  • Advocate on behalf of children to promote their best interests through:

    o Legislation

    o Policy development

    o High quality staff training and development

    o Attainable high quality child care

  • Advocate for families to ensure the affordability of high quality services for their child/children.

  • Advocate for the Association to have equal representation on reference groups and decision making bodies.

  • Advocate on behalf of Australian Childcare Alliance South Australia (ACA SA) Members to ensure fair and equitable access to resources, funding and training.


ACA SA aims to support Member services to;

  • Ensure that the services environment is safe, respectful, promotes good health and fosters a child's sense of self-worth and dignity.

  • Ensure that children are treated equitably, regardless of gender, race, religion, culture, ability or family circumstance.

  • Encourage young children to interact with others in an effective way that empowers them to pursue their own rights whilst fostering empathy for others.

  • Acknowledge the importance of early years of childhood, and develop the uniqueness and potential of each child by providing opportunities for their optimum physical, social, cognitive and creative development.


ACA SA aims to support Member services to;

  • Support families by being responsive to their needs, acknowledging each family's strengths, uniqueness of culture and customs.

  • Strive to maintain the way that children grow and develop as a family unit, by developing positive relationships with families based on mutual trust and respect.

  • Build a partnership with families by sharing knowledge that will benefit the development of their child/children whilst maintaining their right to privacy and confidentiality.

  • Consider the perspective of families when reviewing or formulating policies which impact on them.