About Us

Code of Practice


  • To support Members in developing strategies, philosophies and practices consistent with the provision of high quality early childhood education and care services.

  • To support Members to develop understandings of, and compliance with systems of regulatory and quality assurance.

  • To form collaborative partnerships with DECD and other Government bodies involved in the early childhood area, built on mutual respect and professional ethics.

  • To actively contribute to course development and in-service training programs that support and enhance the skills and competencies of staff working in the sector.

  • To extend and improve the provision of services to meet changing community and family needs in South Australia.

  • To collect and share knowledge and information on the latest theories and understandings of high quality early childhood education and care service provision.

  • To interact with other bodies involved in the sector on matters pertaining to the welfare of children at community and political levels.

  • To promote and protect the interests of Members in any way possible, and to seek solutions to any contentious issue raised by Members.

  • To instigate formal and informal contact with Members.

  • To maintain the highest possible standard of quality and service to Members.