Thank you for considering advertising on the website of Australian Childcare Alliance SA Inc.

Australian Childcare Alliance South Australia (ACA SA) is a professional, committed group representing non-government early childhood education and care services, who actively seeks to maintain high quality, affordable and equitable services for children and their families. The Association is well respected by Government, support agencies and the childcare sector for the significant role it contributes to discussions, decisions and policy making.

ACA SA directly reaches company and individual business operators, staff, service providers and 1,000's of families in South Australia. We also support centre operators in the Northern Territory. Indirectly the website can reach across the childcare sector of SA and more broadly to reach service operators and families.

Benefits of Advertising

Advertising online has proven to give sound business results and is a growing advertising business method.
It provides your potential clients with information and content that is not limited by the geography or time of your business operations.

It provides your potential clients with a direct method of linking to your business via email, website and phone allowing you the opportunity to promote your business.

It allows your business to advertise your services and products to a niche audience.

How to Advertise

Complete the application form and email/post it back to Australian Childcare Alliance SA.

Advertisements are placed on the website as soon as possible after payment of the invoice. The Annual Advertising fee is $330.00 including GST. This fee entitles your business to entry under one Service Directory Category and up to 2 promotional flyers distributed via electronic media during the period of sponsorship. Such flyers must be a single page PDF.

An additional option is the placement of a logo on our home page under our Business Partners Banner. The cost of this is $110.00. The logo must meet the following specifications:

jpg, gif or pcx format with size up to 90 pixels high

Additional listings under other categories will incur a fee of $66.00 per entry including GST.

Any changes to existing ads may incur additional administration costs.

There is also the option for advertisers who are not listed on the website to distribute flyers via electronic media to Australian Childcare Alliance SA Members. Such flyers must be a single page PDF. Costs for this are $88.00 including GST per flyer.

ACA SA will invoice you for the cost of advertising and any additional administration fees.

ACA SA reserves the right to reject any advertising or withdraw any ad on its website at its discretion should they feel the advertiser has committed unethical, illegal or dangerous practices or where the business should close or be sold or where any payments are outstanding. The advertiser shall have no legal right to contest the refusal/removal and no advertising payments made will be refunded.



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