ACA President Paul Mondo Responds to Government Announcement on Transition Back to CCS

Below is a transcript of the ACA Media Release which was circulated by ACA's national body on Monday 8th June 2020.


The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) has commended the Australian Government for putting a transition process in place that supports the early learning sector and ensures that families will still have up to 100 hours of subsidised care each fortnight.


“We commend the government for recognising the importance of the early learning sector over the past few very difficult months in the COVID-19 context.” ACA Paul Mondo said.


From 13 July, the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) will return, along with a Transition Payment of 25 per cent of their fee revenue during the relief package reference period (17 February to 1 March) from 13 July until 27 September.


The Transition Payment is intended to replace the JobKeeper, which will cease from 20 July for the early learning sector.


“This Transition Payment is designed to deliver a more equitable outcome across all early learning service providers.” Mr Mondo continued.


“The ECEC Relief Package delivered a lifeline at a time of great need for our sector, at a time when our centres were on the verge of collapse through worried families withdrawing their children or out of their own sudden unemployment. However, as the COVID crisis is reigned in and more and more children are returned to their early learning centre, the Relief Package is no longer working for services and families.”


“This Transition Payment ensures the survival of service providers as we navigate through a period of economic uncertainty, while offering up to 100 hours of subsidised care each fortnight for our families, whose employment has been negatively impacted by COVID -19.”


“It also means that service providers can operate at their full capacity, offering the vital placement that their families need.”


“We have fought hard for our families, our educators and our members and this initiative is an important next step in the careful recovery of the ECEC sector. We support the Government’s decree that employment levels are maintained and are still seeking detail on this point.” Mr Mondo said.


“We will monitor the pressure of operator costs to ensure the new policy settings regarding fees being maintained at February levels do not cause undue harm to families, educators or the providers.


Mr Mondo said that as the bedrock of Australia’s economy, the ECEC sector has fought to stand by the children and their families. “We would like to wholeheartedly thank Minister Tehan, the Treasurer and the Prime Minister for listening to our members and recognising the importance of ensuring that all Australian families have access to high quality early learning services throughout this difficult year.


“It is obviously very difficult to predict the attendance outcomes of the weeks ahead, let alone months ahead at this point in time with so many possible variables in this current climate. ACA will continue to assess the situation and work with the government in the best interests of families and their children at this time.” Mr Mondo concluded.


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