About Us


Our Vision is accessible and affordable high quality childcare and early childcare education for every child in a society that recognises that every child counts, and that every young mind matters.



To provide leadership, expertise and advocacy in the pursuit of excellence in childcare and early childhood education.



·        Professionalism

·        Leadership

·        Ethics

·        Respect

·        Knowledge

·        Communication

·        Engagement

·        Compliance

·        Adaptability

About Us


Support Members
through engagement, providing resources, providing communication channels and sharing knowledge.
effectively and proactively on behalf of services, children and families by providing a collective voice.
Influence Better Regulation
by working with leading policy and decision-makers at all levels of government, the industry and its stakeholders, and the wider community.
Advance the Profession
by raising awareness of the specialty, promoting the national long-term value of an early childhood education, and providing professional development opportunities.


Goals and Strategies







To enhance support to members

To increase tangible member services

To grow the organisation’s membership


Develop more contemporary professional forms of communication through technology.

Provide more resources, beneficial partnerships and affiliations and professional development opportunities.

Demonstrate and communicate a compelling case for every private service provider to be a member of ACA SA.





To maintain a continuous discussion in the wider community and government in regard to childcare and early education matters.


Find ways to value (in economic terms) early childhood education for a community or society and communicate this effectively.

Be proactive in seeking opportunities to present and engage at all levels and in a variety of situations.




To become the ‘go to’ organisation for policy and decision-makers, influencers, stakeholders and the media.



Persistently and consistently engage with decision-makers and influencers.

Work closely and collaboratively with the ACA nationally in lobbying efforts.

Engage with the other industry sector players and stakeholders to present a united voice to government.





To promote the profession as a highly desirable career choice, and attract and retain employees.


Monitor educational institutions, registration systems and courses for their effectiveness in providing a workforce with ‘the right stuff’.

Champion and recognise childcare and early education as a vital and satisfying life-long career.

Develop and communicate an effective and convincing message promoting childcare as a career choice to potential candidates.