About Us


Our vision is for accessible, affordable, high quality early childhood education and care to be provided to every child in South Australia to give them the best start in life.



ACA SA provides a platform for member collaboration and support and for advocacy at a state and national level for outcomes that support our Vision Statement.






 Be the “go to” organisation for policy and decision makers and the media and be the recognised source of objective commentary on early childhood education and care issues.


► Influence SA regulators, governments, political parties & media with our agenda.


► Work with all parties to provide solutions for early childhood education and care staffing needs.


► Work with all parties to develop an early childhood teaching degree from birth to age five, and to have it recognised by the South Australian Teacher Registration Board and ACECQA.


► Work with all relevant parties to develop an informed planning model for future development of early childhood education and care centres in South Australia.


► Represent the views of our membership on national issues through the ACA national body.

Deliver Member Value


 Ensure members can engage directly with the association through an administration and membership role which is adequately staffed and supported to deliver excellent and responsive support for members and relevant parties.


► Provide forums and opportunities for members to discuss and share insights and knowledge.


Provide professional development opportunities for members, their directors, education leaders and staff.


► Ensure a high level of communication, information, and support for members on all relevant issues at both a state and national level.


► Negotiate with relevant suppliers and service providers to provide discounted and special arrangements and resources for our members.

Strong and Viable Association


► Ensure commonality of purpose and provide opportunities for all members to contribute.


► Ensure sustainable funding of the state body after supporting the national body.


► Grow the membership of ACA South Australia

► Support our sponsors and give them value while seeking additional sponsors.


► Have in place an effective succession plan for key roles.


► Be flexible as an organisation to accommodate changes in technology, professional development, ownership structures, regulatory changes, and changes in the needs of owners and families and regulators.


►Adopt technology that will enhance our service to members and streamline operations.