Membership Fees

Membership fees are relative for a period of 12 months from 1st July to 30th June each year. A pro-rata fee applies to part-year memberships.

Please contact the ACA SA Secretariat if you have any questions regarding membership.

Full Membership

Full membership applies to Approved Providers of privately owned services located in South Australia or Northern Territory.

Full Members

Fee (incl GST)

Full Member with 1 centre


Full Member with 2 centres


Full member with 3 or more centres



Associate A Membership

Persons, self-employed persons, firms, franchises or companies who are directly engaged in an Approved, non-government licensed childcare centre, including outside South Australia and Northern Territory may be eligible for Associate A membership.

Associate A Members

Fee (incl GST)

Associate A Member with 1 centre


Associate A Member with 2 centres


Associate A Member with 3 or more centres



Associate B Membership

Any person, organisation, or other entity which is associated with the childcare industry with childcare-related services or products may apply for Associate B membership.

Associate B Members

Fee (incl GST)

Associate B Member





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