Healthy Transitions

It is that time of year when a lot of change happens and emotions are charged. Everyone reacts differently to change – some find it exciting, some find it stressful, some hardly notice it happened.

Ending and starting milestones in our lives can create many emotions. For children, their families and educators who all react differently this can be a time of ups and downs.

Be You has put togther some excellent resources to help children, families and educators through this time to ensure smooth and healthy transitions. 

Read their story on Healthy transitions here:

Healthy transitions; The end of the educational year brings changes, both big and small, for children, young people and adults

Be You also has fact sheets and webinars to access for free:

Fact Sheets

Transitions in learning communities

Transition to early learning settings: ages 3–5

Transitions for babies and toddlers


Transitions: Learning opportunities for everyone

Transitions: preparing children and young people for change